About majotae 9490

9490 – the number of days a person sleeps in their lifetime.
Sleep is a sacred time for people.
Why do we sleep? Why do we dream?
There is still so much we don’t know about sleep.

We want majotae 9490 to be a flexible product that accompanies the mysterious human act of sleeping.
The textile is soft, resilient and beautiful.
With a feel that envelops you as you continue to use it.
And a comfort that keeps your body in
a relaxed state while you sleep.
Made from high quality hemp cloth that has been spun and woven since ancient times, sleep deeper and richer.

Features of Hemp Cloth

Introduced to Japan from the continent some 10,000 years ago, hemp cloth has been a part of people’s lives since ancient times and was widely used in daily life, from ceremonial garments to casual wear. After the Industrial Revolution, hemp fibre was considered unsuitable for spinning as mechanisation progressed and its production was almost completely ceased, but it is now attracting global attention again as it can grow quickly even in poor or arid areas and has a low environmental impact.
Hemp fibres are said to be cool in the summer and warm in winter due to their special structure, they also dry quickly, are antibacterial and odour-resistant among their other qualities. Above all, hemp provides a comfortable feel that becomes smoother and more familiar with use, with a charm that captivates people once they start wearing it. This is also a textile with a sustainable quality that can be used for generations to come and should be seen as a luxury
in a new age.

About majotae

A textile brand that employs modern technology to revive the original qualities of hemp cloth, which has been used since ancient times. The hand-spun and hand-woven process (the method of producing hemp cloth before the 19th century) has been thoroughly researched and replaced by modern state-of-the-art technology to achieve a smooth, soft and shiny texture. The aim is to change everyday behaviour and create a new lifestyle and culture through the existence of hemp cloth, which also has a low environmental impact and can be used for a long time.

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