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Claudia del Olmo (Casa Balandra)

Casa Balandra is a space I created alongside my sister and close friends, it’s really been a labour of love and a passion project. We had a concept of what we wanted CB to be and we were lucky enough to have a house that we could convert into our playground, to explore concepts and ideas in a free, safe space. Three years later, Casa Balandra has been a project of self expression and development that I feel has resonated with its community as a source of inspiration in one way or another to slow down and take in the small moments life offers.

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7 Questions About Sleep With Claudia del Olmo (Casa Balandra)

Can you describe your sleep schedule? What time do you usually go to bed and wake up? Has this schedule changed throughout your life?


In general for most of my life I go to bed around 1am and wake up around 8.30. Now I have the luxury of setting my own work hours, but when I didn’t my schedule would of course shift to adapt to my work schedule.

Do you have any personal rituals before going to bed or upon waking up in the morning?


I never miss my before bed hygiene moment, even if I’ve gone out, it’s late and I’m exhausted! And always make the bed first thing, I can’t stand the bed not being made. Funnily enough, these are two habits I’ve had since I was quite young. There are definitely habits I wish I had/ want to develop: journaling, meditation, reading, etc. but I’m too lenient with myself and allow myself to indulge a little too much. This year my resolution is to practice more discipline.

What are some things in your bedroom that you really like or have a special attachment to?


I have a picture of myself when I was around 5 to remind me to be kind to her (me) and a memory box under my bed with a collection from around 10 years ago.

Do you sleep with Luna? Can you draw a portrait of her?


I sleep with Luna when Guglielmo (my partner) is away, or when she’s just come back from the hairdressers and is clean, then G makes an exception.

Do you often have dreams? If there is a dream that has left a lasting impression, please tell us about it.


I dream the wildest dreams … I mean really crazy stuff that often does not reflect reality in any way. When I was at university we did a project on dreams, and since then I’m definitely more aware of them and analytical of them and use them as a tool of self-awareness. I have many dreams that have left longer lasting impressions but typically they’re the more personal ones that I keep to myself and reflect on.

If there are any sleep-related customs or traditions unique to Mallorca or any other country/place you’ve lived before, please share. (For example… taking a nap every day, having a specific food or drink before bedtime, sleep-related superstitions, etc.)


In Spain I don’t think there are any, in fact I would say Spain in general is a very relaxed country when it comes to sleep: siesta, late dinners, etc. Maybe thats why I have the habits I have!

What does sleep mean to you personally?


I struggle with this, because I personally need a lot of sleep and often feel very tired, it’s something I’ve always complained about. So it’s a love-hate relationship. At the same time, I love a cozy bed and nothing feels better to me than going to bed on a weekend knowing you can way up at your pace and lay guilt free!